Fuse Coaching Cooperative
Vancouver, BC  •  Branding 

Fuse Coaching Cooperative (Fuse) is a not-for-profit organization that accelerates the learning and development of coaches to empower for-impact organizations. Their purpose is to ignite innovation, inspiration and empowerment while striving to change the world.

I worked closely with Fuse to build its visual branding from the ground up in order to bring as many coaches/leaders and organizations together to make positive changes to communities everywhere. The goal was to create a brand that facilitates collaboration, inspiration, community impact and fun.
The Logo Design Process

Designing the logo for Fuse was a fun process. It wasn’t a huge challenge because the clients wanted a logo that visually represents a spark. Five logo options were considered that featured symbols of anything that ignites, create a spark, and metaphorically represents an impact.

Of the five that were considered, the Fuse team narrowed them down to two final designs: one with a fireworks emblem, and the other, a wordmark with one of the arms in the ‘f’ stylized to look like an ignition fuse. Ultimately, the team chose to go with the ignition fuse design.
Colour Palette / Look and Feel

The Fuse team wanted their brand to be represented by vibrant colours that reflect their personality. The selection of these colours was inspired by the diverse colour output of fireworks, which also serves as the base of the brand's look and feel.