Vo Consulting Group (VCG) is a consulting and technology firm that specializes in Oracle NetSuite. They provide support and innovative solutions to businesses by solving complex problems in the Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), systems, data and inventory spaces.
Project Overview
The goal of the project was to completely redesign the brand for VCG, as they have demonstrated immense growth and expansion in business in a short period of time. They were ready to depart from their previous brand, Vo Consulting with bigger clients and bigger projects. So, there was no doubt that a new identity was made in order to reflect their objectives as a company.
The scope of the project included a new logo for VCG, a new look and feel, and supporting materials for brand awareness and business development.
The Process
Since VCG already knew who they were and what they wanted to achieve as a business, it was unnecessary to conduct a brand strategy workshop. The CEO already knew who their target audiences were and how to approach them; however, VCG needed a striking identity that aligned with their values and what their prospective clients were looking for.
The Logo
The CEO wanted a logo that was distinctive and obvious to spot the letters ‘VCG.’ So, I presented options that met his requirements, ranging from a stylized letter V made of intertwined letters C and G to a stacked configuration of the letters.
When he presented the options to his team, they immediately liked the stack configuration because it was easily identifiable. So, there’s no question that this was the ultimate choice of the VCG’s new logo.
Visual Identity
After the logo design was selected, the CEO and I then proceeded to colour explorations. Since VCG is a tech consulting firm, they wanted to look fresh in their clients' and perspectives’ eyes. They want the brand to feel strong, modern, electrifying, and fresh, so a combination of dark navy blue, light indigo and bright seafoam green was selected as the final colour palette for the brand. The contrast of light indigo against dark navy blue gave the identity its strong and modern outlook, while the bright seafoam green accent brought out the electrifying and fresh feel to the brand.
Look and Feel
VCG did not want to look like their competitors—rigid, dull and too corporate. They want to be seen as a young, modern, yet promising brand that will absolutely deliver results to their clients. And because the colours already set the tone of the brand, I wanted to partner it with muted, black-and-white imagery to give balance to the overall visual. The goal is to establish harmony among brand elements so that when you put all the pieces together, they compliment each other without fighting for attention.